Jeff Bezos uzaya gitmek için neden 20 Temmuz’u seçti? Prof. Dr. Uğur Güven anlattı

My New Turkish Space Portal for Space Enthusiasts in Turkey

My new Turkish website for space enthusiasts in Turkey has become operational at Uzay Portal. This is a portal about Space Science and Space Technology developments in Turkish.

An Interesting Science News Website for the Truly Curious

As a Professor and a Scientist, I appreciated the site as its an interesting general science news site with very engaging interviews with scientists about current developments. Please do take a look.

Prof. Dr. Uğur Güven değerlendirdi: NASA’nın uzay aracı Mars’a indi

Dr Guven Radio Interview About Space Science and Space Technology in Turkey (in Turkish)

Dr Ugur Guven Radio Interview About Space Science and Space Technology in Turkey (in Turkish in National Radio)

Podcast Link:

Watch International Space Station Live

You can watch the ISS online and see where it is at all times:

Watdh ISS Online

Videos of the IAC 2020 Lectures of Dr Guven

The below lectures consist of IAC 2020 presentations related to interstellar exploration, an interstellar mission to Altair, using nuclear propulsion and nuclear reactors for space4 missions, using helium-cooled reactors for Lunar Missions and some video lectures related to SETI research.  Please click the relevant video to watch it.


Dr Guven Views on Future of Aeronautics and Aviation and Astronautics post COVID19

This Video on Dr Guven Views on Future of Aeronautics and Aviation and Astronautics post-COVID19. There are a lot of exciting developments happening in the aerospace world and with the entry of the private sector into the aerospace field, there will be exciting growth of space industry and space tourism. In addition, this is the best time to choose Aerospace Engineering as a career due to what the future holds. With the upcoming Artemis Mission, Moon will be a regular stop and a stepping stone to the solar system. This video summarizes the state of affairs in the aerospace sector.

Dr Guven Announcement for International Students on Covid19 and Studies

This video of Dr Guven Announcement for International Students on Covid19 and Studies focuses on what decision should international students take and what needs to be done for students to protect themselves for the second wave while studying abroad.The video gives suggestions to students who are not able to go abroad for their studies as to what they can do while they wait for the pandemic to be over.

Conversations of an Engineer with the Universe: Can We Alter Our Future? is Published by Dr Guven

Conversations of an Engineer with the UniverseThis book is a non-fiction book by Dr. Guven, which portrays the Conversations of an Engineer with the Universe to help us understand the world and the universe that we live in. The book starts with thermodynamic principles such as matter and energy can’t be created or destroyed, but they can be transformed. Then it explains concepts such as the Double Slit Experiment and the Probability Theory to state that for any reality to be real, it needs to be first observed so that the probability becomes a reality. Then these concepts are put forward to explain things like wealth and prosperity, health, and many other material concepts in the universe. Also, a fictional God is presented (no offense is intended for any religion so a neutral God was chosen for this fictional book) and the fictional conversations of an Engineer with God (we can also call it the Universe) are presented to show a different point of view. The book even takes a short stop and examines the Covid19 pandemic and why it probably happened. Then, this book has tried to show that Science and Religion can actually go hand in hand together because they don’t necessarily exclude each other. Moreover, even the concept of death and the existence of the soul is analyzed, as per scientific concepts to see if there is a soul and if there is really a life after death. Finally, the secret of the Universe is revealed in the final chapter with a principle which I call the “Universal Law”. If you can understand the Universal Law presented in this book, I can pretty much say that you can control your fate and your future depending on the degree of your understanding and application of this Universal Law. It’s not actually a secret, but you will have to read the whole book to understand this Universal Understanding in the end, so that you can proclaim your future.

You can buy it at: