Weather Balloon Test Flight to 40 Km of Altitude was a Success

Dr Ugur Guven and his students launched their mid sized weather balloon to roughly 40 km of altitude to test their payloads and their instruments. We picked a field that was roughly 70 km west of the location that we recovered the payload. There were several international students at the launch site. Weather Balloon Project at High Altitude Test Flight was a success as we were able to recover the scientific payload and we are also able to download the data. Dr. Ugur Guven and students will continue the weather balloon flights in the future.

Watch the Youtube video of Weather Balloon Launch at weather-balloon-test1


Sounding Rocket Competition Supervised By Dr Guven

Watch the performance of the students as they launch their sounding rocket. A great video to help those students experience the event especially if they are thinking of entering the sounding rocket competition. Watch more at Dr. Guven Youtube page.


Dr Guven Books Have Been Published on Amazon

The books authored by Dr Guven can be found and purchased in Amazon. Dr Ugur Guven has authored and co authored/edited 7 books with his students. If you want to use any of the books as a textbook, please contact Dr. Guven.

Dr Guven Interview on Space Technology Education

You can watch the interview of Dr Guven on his views concerning Space Science and Space Technology Education.