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The Measuring of Moon Dust to Fight Air Pollution

Throughout many years, as a Space Engineer and a Space Scientist, I have always highlighted the importance of space technology in daily lives: Many technologies that we use today are spinoffs of space technology such as Fire extinguishers, microwaves, LCD monitors, MR Devices etc. One such technology is carbonmonoxide detection for firefighters that uses lunar…

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2021 : Summary of an Exciting Year for Aerospace Developments Across the World

Regardless of the pandemic, 2021 has so far been the most exciting year for Aerospace in the 21st century. With the lunar sampling mission by China, the 3 Mars missions by NASA, UAE and China, upcoming missions to Venus and the Sun, and the space tourism missions by SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. It…

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Suggestions to University Students on how to Become Life-Ready and Industry-Ready for their Future?

It’s an exciting time to be a University student in the 21st century. This video discussed how a university student should prepare before graduation to be industry-ready as well as to be life-ready. Dr Guven, a rocket scientist, gives advice to higher education students to be the best that they can be. I also give…

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My New Turkish Space Portal for Space Enthusiasts in Turkey

My new Turkish website for space enthusiasts in Turkey has become operational at Uzay Portal. This is a portal about Space Science and Space Technology developments in Turkish.

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An Interesting Science News Website for the Truly Curious

As a Professor and a Scientist, I appreciated the site as its an interesting general science news site with very engaging interviews with scientists about current developments. Please do take a look.

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Dr Guven Radio Interview About Space Science and Space Technology in Turkey (in Turkish)

Dr Ugur Guven Radio Interview About Space Science and Space Technology in Turkey (in Turkish in National Radio) Podcast Link:

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Watch International Space Station Live

You can watch the ISS online and see where it is at all times: Watdh ISS Online

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Videos of the IAC 2020 Lectures of Dr Guven

The below lectures consist of IAC 2020 presentations related to interstellar exploration, an interstellar mission to Altair, using nuclear propulsion and nuclear reactors for space4 missions, using helium-cooled reactors for Lunar Missions and some video lectures related to SETI research.  Please click the relevant video to watch it.  

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