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Suggestions to University Students on how to Become Life-Ready and Industry-Ready?

Its an exciting time to be a University student in the 21st century. This podcast discusses how a university student should prepare before graduation to be industry-ready as well as to be life-ready. What is the importance of internships? What is holistic higher education? What are stacked degrees? Do competitions help students? Should a student…

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2021 Aerospace Developments Across the World Podcast by Dr Ugur Guven

Regardless of the pandemic, 2021 has so far been the most exciting year for Aerospace in the 21st century. With the lunar sampling mission by China, the 3 Mars missions by NASA, UAE and China, upcoming missions to Venus and the Sun, and the space tourism missions by SPaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. It…

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Podcast on Global University Rankings for 2021

Dr Guven Podcast on his views related to top 10 University Rankings Across the World. Please listen to the podcast to hear the top 10 universities in the world and his views on European and Asian Universities. Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dr-ugur-guven/podcast-on-university-rankings-2021  

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Podcast on Should International Students Start Their Semester Abroad with COVID19?

Podcast Commentary by Dr Guven on Should International Students Start Their Semester Abroad with COVID19? Should exchange students go abroad? Should new international students start their academic year abroad? Should semester exchange students go abroad for next semester or should they defer their exchange semester to 2021. Should you start your studies as an international…

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Dr Guven Audio Commentary on Launch of SpaceX Rocket for the First Manned Commercial Spaceflight

This is a historic occasion for mankind as the launch of SpaceX Rocket is the first commercial manned spaceflight in the history of mankind. You can listen to DrGuven Podcast or Soundcloud recording below as to how this will cause a boom in the aerospace sector just like the Aviation Boom of 1930. To listen…

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