Educational Consultancy

Dr. Guven provides educational consultancy to high schools, colleges, and universities related to their syllabus and curriculum that they can deploy for their schools and programs. Furthermore, Dr. Guven also provides content-related advice, educational pedagogy related advice, online learning systems, as well as assistance on creating international collaborations with other universities and global organizations. Furthermore, Dr. Guven is an expert in the preparation and launching of new degree programs and educational programs as well as certification programs.  In addition, if you are setting up a new university, Dr Guven can help you in creating the necessary academic framework and the required international funding. Your programs, syllabus labs, facilities, international office, campus outreach programs, international student admissions, etc will be set up fully or adjusted to become globally competitive.  I can also create an aerospace engineering department, and energy department from scratch as well as other engineering departments. Also, I can create an international office with 100+ MoUs in 1 year. The initial consultation is free of charge. Contact me at

Technical Consultancy

Dr. Ugur Guven provides technical consultancy if you have a special engineering project or if you are thinking of a special workshop and / or a seminar program for young engineering graduates or for senior industry experts. Dr. Guven has been providing and organizing workshops and seminars all across the world for engineers and industry experts. Also, Dr. Guven provides guidance and consultancy on a variety of research projects ranging from CFD to Aerospace and Nuclear related projects. Furthermore, Dr. Guven is involved in creating international tie-ups for your technical projects. The initial consultation is free of charge. Contact me at

Engineering Consultancy

Dr Ugur Guven can be consulted for your engineering projects, engineering firm or for international funding for your engineering projects or patents.

Advisory Board

Dr. Ugur Guven is currently an Advisory Council Member of the United Nations Center for Space Science and Space Technology Education in Asia and Pacific (UN CSSTEAP)

Dr. Ugur GUVEN is an Advisory Board Member of Bellatrix Aerospace Pvt Ltd. which is a company that specializes in Rocket Propulsion and Payload Delivery Systems to Space.

Dr. Ugur Guven is on the Advisory Board of NESRA (Nepalese Space Research Association)

Dr. Ugur GUVEN is an Executive Advisor to Phoenix Space Ltd. in United Kingdom, which is a company that specializes in providing space education to empower immigrants and underprivileged students in STEM and Space Education.