This page is about the books that have been published by Dr Ugur GUVEN either as an author, co-author, or as editor. The page includes academic books, chapters, nonfiction books as well as fiction books. Please see the bottom of the page for Dr Guven’s nonfiction and science fiction books.

ACADEMIC BOOKS (Authored – CoAuthored – Edited)

Nuclear Propulsion Techniques for Spacecraft: Utilization of Nuclear Reactors in Spacecraft for Space Propulsion and Space Power in a Microgravity Environment”, Dr. Ugur Guven, Lambert Publications, Germany, 2012, ISBN978-3-8473-2269-6,


deep-space-coverDeep Space Propulsion Techniques: InterstellarTravel“,

Dr. Ugur Guven, Guven Publications, New York, 2020, ISBN: 979-8680250396,

Hard Cover:


Space Tourism FundamentalsSpace Tourism: Suborbital Flights – Commercial Flights – Spaceports“,

Dr. Ugur Guven, Guven Publications, New York, 2020,

ISBN: 979-8552203192,


Solid Rocket Propulsion for Space Exploration”, Dr. Ugur Guven and Gurunadh Velidi, Lambert Publications, Germany, 2012,                            ISBN978-3-659-30636-5,                                    



A Foray into Advanced Nuclear Turbine Propulsion System for Aircrafts: Development of Remotely Controlled Nuclear Powered Flying Devices”, Rohan Ganapathy and Dr Ugur Guven, Lambert Publications, Germany 2013, ISBN: 978-3-659-33383-5,


“Introduction to Nanosatellite Technology and Components”, Lakshya V. Datta and Dr. Ugur Guven (Editor), Lambert Publications, Germany, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-8473-1419-6,          


Introduction to Space Debris: Challenges and Removal Techniques: Fundamentals of Space Debris Removal from Low Earth Orbit and Middle Earth Orbit”, ”, Lakshya V. Datta and Dr. Ugur Guven (Editor), Lambert Publications, Germany, 2012, ISBN: 978-3-8473-1419-6,


Nuclear Power Plant Design Using Gas Cooled Reactors” by G. Velidi and Dr. Ugur Guven, Lambert Publications, Germany, 2012, ISBN978-3-8484-2176-3,                                              


Exergy Analysis on a Natural Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Plant” by Gurunadh Velidi, Sharma and Dr. Ugur Guven, Lambert Publications, Germany, 2012, ISBN978-3-659-16833-8,



Nuclear-Reactor-Technology-for-Space“Nuclear Reactor Technology Development and Utilization, Chapter 13: Nuclear Powered Space Reactor”
1st Edition, Velidi V S S Gurunadh, Ugur Guven, Woodhead Publishing, June 16, 2020, ISBN: 9780128184837



The Future of Humanity: Do Cosmos and Chance Really Affect our Fate?“,  Dr. Ugur GUVEN,  Amazon Publications, USA, 2020, ISBN: 978-1657181144

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Conversations of an Engineer with the UniverseConversations of an Engineer with the Universe: Can We Alter our Future?, Dr. Ugur GUVEN,  Guven Publications USA, 2020, ISBN: 979-8684103766, ASIN: B08HQ2NCDF

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Reflections of the Millennium: Return of the Builders (Guven Science Fiction Publications Book 1), Dr. Ugur GUVEN, Amazon Publications, USA, 2020, ISBN: 979-8601839471

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