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Suggestions to University Students on how to Become Life-Ready and Industry-Ready for their Future?

It’s an exciting time to be a University student in the 21st century. This video discussed how a university student should prepare before graduation to be industry-ready as well as to be life-ready. Dr Guven, a rocket scientist, gives advice to higher education students to be the best that they can be. I also give information about the concept of a stacked degree and how the students can make an effort to get holistically ready for their future, including student internships, international competitions and much more. This video must be watched by all undergraduate students especially engineering students.

Podcast on Should International Students Start Their Semester Abroad with COVID19?

Podcast Commentary by Dr Guven on Should International Students Start Their Semester Abroad with COVID19? Should exchange students go abroad? Should new international students start their academic year abroad? Should semester exchange students go abroad for next semester or should they defer their exchange semester to 2021. Should you start your studies as an international student if the next semester is going to be conducted online? Does it make sense to sit and wait as an international student.

Listen to the Audio Podcast at: https://podcasters.spotify.com/episode/4XMpFCxpMW2nmVg1YC2qL9

Listen to the Soundcloud recording at: https://soundcloud.com/dr-ugur-guven/should-international-students-start-their-semester-abroad-with-covid19