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Review of The Capabilities of S-400 Air Defense System and Its Importance for India Defense Forces: Feasibility and Effectivity Analysis

Abstract: Air Defence is one of the most important concepts related to the defence of a nation. It is not possible to protect a country without having full control over its national airspace. The presence of airspace superiority gives that particular nation a superiority in not only national defence but also in projecting power to the neighbouring nations as well. It is one of the reasons why countries like Russia, Israel, India and Turkey can project power to hostile neighbouring nations due to their superiority in air force capabilities and technologies. However, as strong as an offensive capability of an Air Force of a Nation may be, the real capability also lies in the ability to defend against airpower threats and power projections by air. In order to achieve this, there must be non-offensive air defence capability which comprises of long range detection and illumination of targets including air force assets such as attack planes, bombers, missiles and rockets. This can be done as a standalone system or by using a combination of systems and assets. One such asset that has been very popular in the last few years has been the S-400 Air Defence System which has been developed by Russian scientists and engineers. While the S-400 system was developed from iterations of old S-Defence series that were originally developed for the protection of Russia, now the latest S-400 system has been sold to countries like China and Turkey and also it is being considered for sale by nations such as India. In the international community, there is a lot of hype about the superior air defence capabilities of the Russian S-400 Air Defence System, and this paper reviews the capabilities of the S-400 Air Defence System and its effectiveness based on the results of its predecessors as well. Literature Review, as well as past successes and the failures of the S-XX Defence systems iterations also provided for reference. This study also looks at the situation in Turkey and India to see if the S400 defense system makes sense to integrate into their national defense grid.

Keywords: S-400 Air Defence System, S-400, S-300, Air Defence Systems, Patriot Air Defence System, Missile Defence System

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